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3 min readOct 2, 2022

Day 4 - Zipping Around Rome in a Golf Cart

There are times when the expression: "A picture speaks a thousand words", this is one of those times and this blog will have several photos to demonstrate the extraordinary and overwhelming tour of the Eternal City

I have a thing for pretty streets and the one above caught my eye. There was so much to take in that you need to keep a keen eye while touring. The nice thing about the golf cart is that we could ask to stop anytime we liked. And the visibility is terrific. Alice is a local and so knowledgeable. It was fun to hear the enthusiiasm in her voice as she explained history.

The Colosseum was one of our first stops. It never fails to give one pause. In this shot, I loved the emptier streets with the Colosseum in the background and the last time I was in Rome was when I was nineteen viewing it from a different angle. Spectacullar to be on this tour today to get a sense of the city and to note BC vs AD where it's difficult to grasp thousands of years ago and all the feet that have walked these ancient streets.

My feet are also walking these streets and I can say, as a survivor, that I am grateful to be alive and manifesting the life I envisioned once healed. Everything is more pronounced and my heart is full. My life changed after I applied and accepted on the mermaid retreat in Mexico 2018 with SMOV. I've met wonderful women and survivors like myself and have felt so supported sharing my workshop in Tuscany and the Dominican Republic. Now, I'm in Rome sharing a blog for 7-days and expressing my creativity as a writer and dreamer.

The Trevi Fountain had hundreds of people surrounding it. Very chaotic so I quickly made a wish, threw in my dime, snapped a photo and made my way out of the crowd. My friend, Milllie scooted out faster than me stating that Covid could be a factor. Our tour guide, Alice knew we'd prefer the peace around the fountain and suggested we return at some point around 7:30 a.m. The crowd brought up a little claustrophobia for me, especially when you just want to feel the space and gaze solo to allow the imagination to dream. Photo with me in front of Fiumi Fountain in Piazza Navona and the Trevi fountain below it in all its magnifiscience.

It was a great day and I am so exhausted. Alice will wave goodbye.

Until tomorrow.

Keep on swimming through life,

Valerie Anne

Valerie Anne Burns

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